Friday, January 16, 2009

what happened to my "baby"?

boden has been in serious need for a haircut for awhile now. i've been putting it off mostly because of how much he loved his last haircut - see here, and because i secretly keep hoping it will start curling in the back (which doesn't appear to be happening in the slightest bit - in fact someone told me last week that it looked like his hair was flat ironed - lol). what is happening is it just looking a little mullet-like and the stocking hat i put on him when we go out is not helping his look at all. i think a lady at the store called him a 'she' the other day too.

so, for some crazy reason this morning i decided to attempt to cut it myself - i am no professional, but i've cut michael's hair with clippers a couple times and honestly i didn't want to pay $20 to have boden scream and yell again. i put him up on the bathroom counter and turned on the clippers. i used the longest guard we had, but it still cut about 3-4 inches off! once i saw how much was coming off i wanted to quit immediately, but he probably would have looked pretty silly, so i had to finish it. surprisingly he actually thought it was fun. i made funny noises each time i ran the clippers through his hair and he laughed and overall did really great. he started getting upset at the end though because he kept getting hair in his mouth and every time he tried to wipe it out he would get more in there because his hands and arms were covered with hair. (i've made a mental note to cover him with a towel next time)

look how long it was! this was with the back already cut, but the side still long. looking back, i don't think i realized how long it was until it was cut. wow!

and this is after i finished. it's so short now! doesn't he just look so old now? michael loves the new haircut, and i suppose i agree it's adorable, i'm just having a hard time getting used to his "big boy haircut".


Molly said...

oh bodie booo! he looks so much like a big boy!!! I miss him

lisa wade said...

i can't believe you cut it! it's kind of like that's the last thing that keeps them your little baby. then once the haircuts start, they become little boys instantly. i hate it! i remember the first time i cut zach's hair. it's the beginning of a new era! look out!

kari j said...

that is hilarious!! but way to go megan! you are super-mommy! i too got sick of paying money just to hear derek scream at the top of his lungs, every 5 wks! i tried once to cut his hair...never again :)
but luckily "daddy" is able to do it now. we have a whole system. derek gets to wear the "batman" cape (although those crazy hairs still attack and stick to him! ha ha), he sits in the shower with daddy and gets to watch a cartoon on the portable dvd player. he still cries occasionally but we are saving $25 a month, plus time!!! :)
good job, boden's hair looks great!