Friday, September 26, 2008

i won! i won! i won!

check out my new clutch - isn't it so cute? i'm so excited - i don't think i've ever won a drawing before...ok, well, i probably have at some point in my life...but not recently. anyway, i won this fun new clutch from peas & carrots. she makes the cutest bags and some baby stuff too. check out her shop on etsy.

we're going through a season of life right now where we don't purchase much unless it's a necessity...and all of you women who have been through a season like this before know just how hard it is to not shop! winning this was such an awesome reminder of God's love for me - reminding me that he knows just what i need and sometimes will even find a great way to sneak in something i want just to make me smile. isn't God good?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

eat a little each day...

i just wanted to post a quick link to michael's blog, and encourage everyone to go read what he wrote about "eating a little each day". i know there are so many times i feel like the time i spend with the lord isn't long enough to really make a difference just like I sometimes feel that the things i'm teaching boden aren't sinking in...but this is a really good reminder that even though the transformation isn't immediate, change is still taking place, and it's very important that i keep on pushing through.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

my handy little man

i decided that i finally needed to go ahead and put the child locks on the cabinets in the kitchen. we were trying to just teach him not to open them, but that wasn't working out so well. i felt like i was just saying 'no' all the time and he would have my pantry empty if i would turn around for five minutes (see the 'busted' post a few weeks ago). anyway, while i was trying to get the locks screwed in to the cabinets, and boden was watching very intently....when i got up to read the instructions again, i turned back around to see boden had taken over my job. poppa will be so proud of him. maybe i should think about some plastic tools so he doesn't poke his eye out.

*you may want to pause the music (at the bottom of the page) so you can hear the video

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

first haircut

boden's hair was getting a little scruffy and starting to get into his eyes, so we decided it was time for a "real haircut" - not mama with the scissors trying desperately not to poke his eye out while he squirms all over the place. we took him to this childrens salon called "the hairy elephant" - thinking that maybe the toys and videos and the professional would do the trick.

we set him up in a cool race car chair, put in an elmo movie, and he was fine. i think he even smiled a little bit:

but as soon as she touched his head he lost it

we tried blowing bubbles to keep him entertained, and they worked for awhile (as long as she wasnt' touching his head)

ah, finally - finished. poor little guy, parents can be so mean :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

the park

we've had some beautiful weather this week so boden and i have been enjoying the park just up the street from our house. it has a great playground, swings, a trail, a lake and horses! he loves the horses! i don't have any photos of him with the horses because if i let go of him long enough to take a picture near the horses he would probably climb through the fence get stomped on!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the best peanut butter cookie, ever!

i love peanut butter cookies. yum. i found the best recipe for peanut butter cookie on a fun blog called bakerella. once you see the photos she took of them you'll want to make them too. in fact, her blog makes me want to bake everytime i read it, and i don't really even like to bake that much.

they were easy too - only 5 ingredients. so i made some and took them to mom 2 mom this morning - i didn't hear anyone complaining about them :)

here's a photo of the ones i made:

you can get there recipe here on bakerella's blog - be prepared to drool.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


boden's nose has been running since about june. so yesterday he had to have blood drawn to do some allergy tests. unfortunately his veins are tiny and they couldn't get enough blood the first time, so they had to do both arms! :( he was not happy. but he did get a red popsicle out of the deal. he was a trooper.