Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Just a random assortment of what we've been up to lately...

Titus is perfecting standing - he loves to pull up on EVERYTHING! The last few weeks he has even tested out letting go a few times...crazy to think we may have a "walker" soon!

 Boden had "Character Day" at school - where you dress up like a character from one of our favorite books and then bring the book to school to share with the class.  He dressed up in his baseball uniform (t-ball t-shirt under his Cardinals jersey- had to wear them both) and took the book "Froggy Plays T-Ball." He had a lot of fun with it - he was so excited that he got to take his glove to school!

Boden is such an artist - he amazes me every single day with the elaborate drawings he comes up with - he will sit and draw for an hour sometimes - I asked him one day what he was doing and he said
 "oh,  I'm just using my imagination" - I love that kid!

this pretty much sums up Claire....sitting on the counter, crazy hair, hollering about something, with a dumped box of crayons...yep, that's pretty accurate.

Titus got ahold of a chocolate chip pancake I left unattended for about 10 seconds - lucky duck...

Boden read his first book! He is having fun learning to read and it is such a joy to see him grown and learn.  I love getting to see the lightbulbs pop on when he figures out a new word or concept.

It's been a pretty mild winter here - we had snow one day for about 20 minutes.  We've had a lot of days to play outside which the kids love and so does mama.

Boden's artwork was featured on the entrance wall at school - I just happened to take him to school one day that week so I got to see it and snap a picture.  He LOVES art!

in addition to standing Titus is constantly exploring the stairs.  I knew the day would come that I would dislike that double's here! He makes a dash for the stairs every time I put him down (as long as the dishwasher is not open.  If the dishwasher is open he prefers to try to crawl in it instead). :)

Tea party with my favorites.  There is no photographic proof...but I was dressed up too! 

So that's a bit of what we've been up to - in between my kids catching every single virus and cold that comes near them. I'm so ready for spring and warmer weather to come!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

They're getting it

Every once in a while I have one of those days where I wonder why in the world I am a stay at home mom?  My kids are driving me crazy.... I'm pretty sure I'm driving them crazy.... and once in a while I have the thought that they would be happier in daycare with a more consistent structure, playing with their friends all day.  I know from talking to other moms that I'm not alone in having this feeling occasionally (or everyday).

It's a big task.  Being a mom is not the most glorious job on the planet, and sometimes I think it's quite possibly the hardest.  And I'm not always confident that I'm any good at it.

Because the kids are fighting....and I'm yelling. Sometimes I feel like I'm the professional time-out enforcer. They're whining...a lot. Claire refuses to use the toilet.  And has no desire to learn her colors (really, she just says everything is pink so we can move on. lol)  I don't always provide the most structured day.  And sometimes they watch more cartoons than they should.... and I begin to wonder if I'm qualified to do this.

 But every once in a while something happens that reminds me that even in the midst of all that....they're getting it.


Today, Boden ran out to the curb as the bus was pulling up and Claire ran after him and they both got there before me.  I grabbed Titus and followed.  I looked up and nearly started crying at what I saw.  Claire had her hand on Boden's head and was praying for him.

I couldn't make out what exactly she said (because I was scrambling for my iphone to capture the moment) but it didn't matter.  What mattered to me is that she's getting it.

And then it no longer mattered she thinks every single color is pink...or that that she has no desire to potty train.  What she does know is that she should pray for her brother.  She has watched me pray over him before he gets on the bus everyday.  She has learned something from me.  And it's way more important than colors or numbers or reading or writing, she'll get to those eventually.

I'm reminded today that I know I'm here for a reason.  God put me here to raise up these little children to know and love the Lord.  To be a reflection of Christ to them everyday.  And I'm so thankful for these reminders that God gives me once in awhile to show me that even though I don't always feel like I'm doing a good job - I am on the right track.  They're getting it.  Thank you Jesus.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."