Tuesday, July 29, 2008

boden's first birthday

even though the date has already passed - i have to share some pictures from boden's first birthday party. we are so thankful for the family that was able to make it to the party. especially Caela & Casey who made the 7hr drive each way and stayed less thank 24 hrs. you guys are troopers :) boden loved his birthday cake - a few licks and then he just dug in:

i used the most adorable train cupcake mold that i found online to make his cake. it took nearly 2 hours to decorate (which ended up being a fun time hanging out with my mom who helped)- but it turned out so cute! boden got to eat the engine. while at the time the green frosting was cute - i'm not sure i'd serve it to someone who planned to use their hands to eat it and then smear it all over their face again. it was a little hard to wash off. i was afraid he'd be green for days. :)

we also got a great photo of the grandparents and great grandma oldham with boden:

it's so amazing to me that a year has already passed. though there were moments that i felt like time was standing still (nursing troubles, sleepless nights, endless dirty diapers, and of course 15 hrs of labor that felt like 3 days) it still feels like it went so fast. he's so 'grown up' now. i am so thankful for him every day - he is a blessing beyond words.

a new adventure

i've decided to finally start a blog. i've thought about it for awhile, but now i'm finally giving it a go. my intent is to keep friends and family up to date with what's going on it our life. of course i'm sure i'll ramble a lot and post a few too many pictures of my son (i can't help it, he's adorable) and share all kinds of miscellaneous stuff with you. enjoy! :)