Monday, April 27, 2009

this past week

here's my project 365 page from last week. i've been being lazy about uploading them to the blog, but i am completely caught up! i can barely believe it!

michael was out of town last week in guatemala on a mission trip. it was a tough week not getting to talk to him more than once all week. some friends had boden and i over for dinner on tuesday, boden spent wednesday with michael's mom while i cleaned house and went to some meetings for CASA, and we had mom 2 mom on thurs and a playdate on friday - it went by fast! michael had a great trip (aside from the headcold that was made worse by the flying and high elevation) and can't wait to go back...maybe next time with the whole family! I think getting a first hand experince of a completely different culture changes you - it makes you appreciate even more all that you have - and realize how much we have that we probably don't need.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Week

It's a little late, but here's some pictures from Easter. We had an egg hunt at church thurs night, the church on Sat/Sun, and dinner & and egg hunt at Michael's mom's on sunday afternoon.

he liked the easter bunny, but this is as close as he wanted to get!

"hunting" for eggs
Easter Basket from Grandpa - lots of goldfish & animal crackers!
opening a package from Nana & Poppa - bubbles, PJs, glo-worm, & playdough!

and a singing card - he loved it and danced with it

adorable little man

the family on Easter Sunday
coloring with his new markers at Bubbe's

reading with cousin Brea
Egg hunt at Bubbe & Zeyde's house

checking out the loot

Great Grandma, Boden & Bubbe
look at those adorable blondes! Boden & cousin Andrew

Thursday, April 9, 2009

recipe for toddler fun

1 rubber tub
3 bags dry beans
1 bag rice
alphabet noodles
macaroni noodles
spoons, bowls, cups, and scoops of all sizes
an old sheet
monday was a yucky day and i haven't been feeling so good. i knew i needed to come up with something new to keep boden entertained for awhile. (i realized he'd watched too much thomas the train when i came home the other night and michael asked why boden was hitting my laptop and saying "thomas!") so, i dug through the pantry and poured a few things into a rubber dish tub. ta-da! and indoor "sandbox"! he had so much fun. usually his attention span is about 10 minutes at the very most and he played in his "sandbox" for almost 45 minutes!

*(yes, he's still wearing pajamas, and no, they do not match :) )

Monday, April 6, 2009

my little architect

boden loves building with his mega blocks. he builds towers, knocks them down, and builds again. i love watching his face as he carefully decides where to place the next block - he is in such concentration.

the other night he even made a tower just for me - he brought it to me and with a big smile on his face he said "momma's tower", handed it to me, then went back to building again.

it's definitely the little things that make my day :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

more project 365

i am actually keeping up, even though i haven't been keeping up with posting them, i'm still up to date on the scrapping. here's a few of the recent weeks: (if you click on them you can read the journaling)

march week 3

march week 2a

march week 2b

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