Monday, April 27, 2009

this past week

here's my project 365 page from last week. i've been being lazy about uploading them to the blog, but i am completely caught up! i can barely believe it!

michael was out of town last week in guatemala on a mission trip. it was a tough week not getting to talk to him more than once all week. some friends had boden and i over for dinner on tuesday, boden spent wednesday with michael's mom while i cleaned house and went to some meetings for CASA, and we had mom 2 mom on thurs and a playdate on friday - it went by fast! michael had a great trip (aside from the headcold that was made worse by the flying and high elevation) and can't wait to go back...maybe next time with the whole family! I think getting a first hand experince of a completely different culture changes you - it makes you appreciate even more all that you have - and realize how much we have that we probably don't need.

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