Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mighty Spirit Kids

As a mom, I love nothing more than hearing my kids worship the Lord - it's such a beautiful thing.  They are so young and unconcerned with what others think about them or if they look silly dancing all over the place and signing at the top of their lungs.  They just love to worship.  We have lots of different music that we listen to in our house - but my favorites are those that are full of scripture.  We all find ourselves singing the word of God and meditating on scripture without even knowing it, and those scriptures become stored in our hearts.  This is what I want for my kids.

Anyone else have a child that watches/listens to everything and will repeat over and over and over a line from a movie, show or song? And usually the most annoying line? haha.  Maybe that's just a 4 yr old boy thing.  They will pick up and repeat whatever they hear - that's why it's such an important job for us as parents to be the filter of what they hear until they are old enough and have learned how to make those choices for themselves. 

This is why I'm SO excited about the new Mighty Spirit Kids worship album!  Our friends, Will and Laura Stern created this album of fun pop songs packed full of scripture for the very purpose of hiding God's word in our children's hearts.  Check our this intro video to preview the songs and hear their heart behind the music.

My kids LOVE this album - the music is really upbeat and it sticks in your head - I have seriously been singing their songs in my head pretty much constantly since we got the cd.  Which is exactly what I want...I want to hear my kids singing and repeating the scriptures and hiding them in their hearts.

I really encourage you to check out to hear previews or order a cd, you can also download it on itunes or - and it's only $10!  Your kids will love it and so will you.