Thursday, April 9, 2009

recipe for toddler fun

1 rubber tub
3 bags dry beans
1 bag rice
alphabet noodles
macaroni noodles
spoons, bowls, cups, and scoops of all sizes
an old sheet
monday was a yucky day and i haven't been feeling so good. i knew i needed to come up with something new to keep boden entertained for awhile. (i realized he'd watched too much thomas the train when i came home the other night and michael asked why boden was hitting my laptop and saying "thomas!") so, i dug through the pantry and poured a few things into a rubber dish tub. ta-da! and indoor "sandbox"! he had so much fun. usually his attention span is about 10 minutes at the very most and he played in his "sandbox" for almost 45 minutes!

*(yes, he's still wearing pajamas, and no, they do not match :) )

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