Tuesday, September 16, 2008

first haircut

boden's hair was getting a little scruffy and starting to get into his eyes, so we decided it was time for a "real haircut" - not mama with the scissors trying desperately not to poke his eye out while he squirms all over the place. we took him to this childrens salon called "the hairy elephant" - thinking that maybe the toys and videos and the professional would do the trick.

we set him up in a cool race car chair, put in an elmo movie, and he was fine. i think he even smiled a little bit:

but as soon as she touched his head he lost it

we tried blowing bubbles to keep him entertained, and they worked for awhile (as long as she wasnt' touching his head)

ah, finally - finished. poor little guy, parents can be so mean :)

1 comment:

Ron said...

What an awesome hair salon! Never seen anything like that. and he looks so good at the end!!