Thursday, September 11, 2008

the best peanut butter cookie, ever!

i love peanut butter cookies. yum. i found the best recipe for peanut butter cookie on a fun blog called bakerella. once you see the photos she took of them you'll want to make them too. in fact, her blog makes me want to bake everytime i read it, and i don't really even like to bake that much.

they were easy too - only 5 ingredients. so i made some and took them to mom 2 mom this morning - i didn't hear anyone complaining about them :)

here's a photo of the ones i made:

you can get there recipe here on bakerella's blog - be prepared to drool.


Heidi said...

those look so good! you wouldn't mind bringing me some, would you? what, it's only like a 6 hr drive. haha. i love her website. you should make the cake balls!

Megan Brueseke said...

I want to make the cake balls! They look so good! Have you tried them yet? They seem like they might take a long time to make though...