Friday, January 2, 2009

We're still here

i've had so many things i've wanted to blog about and pictures i wanted to share over the past month or so, but i just haven't been able to carve out the time to sit down and do it. we've been fighting sickness in our house since thanksgiving and just can't seem to get rid of one thing before we catch the next. we all had a nasty stomach virus for a little over week - right through christmas - and now boden has an ear infection and possibly a sinus infection, and i've got some sort of sinus thing going on too! i'm not sure how we're catching it all - boden hasn't even been around another child for at least 2 weeks. it's frustrating, but i'm thankful we are not fighting anything more serious than colds.

we did get to go to nebraska for a few days at christmas and see some of my family. despite boden getting sick in the car on the way there, the flat tire on the interstate, and giving the stomach virus to my sisters, their boyfriends, and my dad we had a really good time :) lol. boden got some really fun gifts for christmas and he's been having so much fun playing with them since we got home. probably one thing he enjoyed the most, that wasn't even a gift, was my mom's "scooter". she had foot surgery about a week before christmas and instead of using crutches to get around she has this little scooter that she rests her knee on and pushes with the other foot. (it's hard to visualize, but you'll see it in the photos) boden LOVED the scooter - he wanted to ride on it constantly. he would just walk around saying "ride?", "ride?" whenever he saw it.

there's too many pictures to post on here, so here's the link to them on facebook . i will try to add some more in the next couple days.

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