Thursday, January 22, 2009

i've been waiting on a new charger cord for my laptop for about a week and a half now...i'm getting a little impatient. my charger bit the dust (again) and my genius plan to order a replacement from a very random website in hong kong because it was only $7 instead of $50 has backfired. i'm still hopeful that it is actually coming, but frustrated that it's not here yet. :(

so, i haven't been able to upload any new photos, or work on my project 365 scrapbook (a picture each day for the whole year to capture the everyday moments) for which i have purchased an awesome kit that i can't wait to use, or do any accounting or anything else that is on my laptop. i never realized how dependent i was on that thing - looking up miscellaneous things on google throughout the day about recipes, fun ideas to do with boden, or directions to wherever i'm going, or most importantly -catching up on all my blog reading or checking facebook to see what everyone is up to - these things are very important. :) i pretty much grab michael's laptop out of his hands when he walks through the door in the evening so i can check my email or whatever - totally pathetic, i know. strange, however, my house has been a bit cleaner and my laundry not stacking up as much. but that's probably just a coincidence.

i do have a prayer request - we saw an ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor yesterday for boden. he's had an ear infection nearly every month since he turned one and sinus infections and constant nasal drainage since about october. poor kid has been on way too many antibiotics. so, the dr suggests that we put tubes in his ears and have his adenoids removed. this is supposed to help his ears & sinuses drain better, and help him to start breathing through his nose. so, we have scheduled this surgery for next wednesday (Jan 28). everyone i've talked to says this is a very quick, very routine surgery, but it's still a little scary to have your baby put under and have surgery. so please pray for us to be at peace and for quick healing for boden and that this surgery would be what God uses to heal boden completely. thank you for your prayers.

hopefully i'll get my laptop charger soon and have some new pictures to share!


kari j said...

so i totally had to laugh at the beginning of your post because i know exactly what you, how did we "make it" like 5-10 yrs ago when internet wasn't such a huge part/and annoyance in our lives?! ;)

i also just wanted to encourage you *hopefully* by sharing that we had to have derek under anesthesia when he was about 15 months old to have a testicle removed. it was so scary because he was so young and so little but everything went very smoothly.
also my nephew had tubes put in when he was around 2 and all went well.
i will pray for you guys because i know that even though you hear others' stories, when it's YOUR baby it's just plain scary. my heart goes out to you!

lisa wade said...

we will be praying for you all as well. it's amazing how 'scary' it does get when it's your own baby. Father, i ask you even now to bring peace and comfort to both michael and megan. help them to rest in knowing that you are God and boden is even more precious to you than he is to them. you will be guiding the surgeons hands and all will be as you have planned. thank you for your love and mercy, in Jesus name...amen!