Friday, January 30, 2009

boden's surgery

thank you everyone who was praying for us on wednesday. i have never felt the peace of God so much in any one situation like i did wednesday. i thought for sure i would get all worked up and be crying and worrying - but not so at all. when wednesday rolled around, i had complete peace that he was in God's hands and that it He had it all taken care of.

boden wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything on wednesday before surgery, which we thought would be tough because he always wants milk and a banana as soon as he wakes up. but thank God he slept right up until we needed to leave for the hospital. the surgery was supposed to be at 9:30am, but due to delays they didn't take him back until 11am. that's a long time for a little guy to go with no food or drink, but he was such a trooper. he asked for food or water a couple times, but we just distracted him with toys and he was fine. the surgery lasted about an hour and then they let us come back to see him in recovery. he was so out of it and didn't want to wake up at all. they said some kids kick and scream when waking up for anesthesia, but thankfully he did not, he whined a little when we would try to wake him up, but just went back to sleep. we stayed for about 2 hours and he still did not want to wake up!

finally we got him up for a little bit, he drank some juice and they sent us home. at home he played for a little bit, ate some yogurt, then went back to sleep for a couple hours. once he woke up, he was pretty much back to normal boden - pulling out all his toys and running around. we only gave him tylonol once - he didn't seem to be in pain at all, so that was a blessing.

thank you again to everyone who was praying for us - we definitely felt your prayers and God's peace. Here's a couple pictures from the day:

coloring in the waiting room with mama

getting measured before surgery

falling asleep trying to drink some juice

so sleepy after surgery

playing with his "get well" balloon from our friends, the kopeckys:


Caela said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks!! What a big boy! I am so glad that everything went well and continue to pray that this surgery will offer the relief that Bo needed from all the illness. Love you guys!!!

kari j said...

aww, what a sweetie pie. SO happy to hear that it went so well! now hopefully he'll be a happy, healthy lil guy and not have his ears bug him! :)