Friday, January 30, 2009

wonderful husband.....and a new laptop!

as i mentioned previously, my laptop has been giving me all kinds of trouble lately (although the new charger did arrive) the battery is pretty shot and it just locks up all the time when i'm trying to work. we had talked about getting a new laptop, but i wasn't expecting it anytime soon. last saturday michael took off to go to the library to study and boden & i went to the gym. when i walked in from the gym i was talking to my sister on the phone and michael was sitting at the table and to my surprise - this was sitting next to him:

(sorry again for screaming in your ear caela) apparently he had no intentions of going to the library at all - he had been looking at laptops online and decided best buy was having a good sale so he went and got it!

it is exactly what i wanted - it has a full keyboard with number pad so i don't have to attach the separate keyboard when i do accounting and it has plenty of harddrive and memory (or whatever :) ) so that it won't lock up when i scrapbook and edit photos.

we did spend the last week hunting for my photoshop disc so we could install it - i was starting to think it was actually gone...but yesterday michael found it in a box in the closet that i didn't even know existed! whew! it's great - everything runs so much faster on the new laptop - i love it - thank you michael!

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