Monday, March 2, 2009

crazy week

on wednesday, michael went to kansas city to IHOP (International House of Prayer - not pancakes!) he had an awesome time and i'm sure he'll share more about that on his blog. but, while he was gone, we had some excitement in st louis. on wednesday it was in the 60s, so i took boden to the park before lunch - we had a great time playing - we had so much fun i didn't even stop to take any pictures.

we got back from the park and i made some lunch and by the time i put boden down for a nap 30 minutes later, i had a full-on migraine. if you've never had a migraine before, i pray that you never do, but for those who have, you know how horrible they are. i used to have migraines in middle school & high school rather frequently and then they trickled off in college. it's been at least 4 years since i've had one, so i no longer have any medication to take when then come on. silly me tried to fight it with tylonol & ibuprophen. i tried to lay down, but couldn't even lay still enough to relax and within 20 minutes i was throwing up...and couldn't stop....for 2 hours. i didn't know what to do since michael was out of town and boden was asleep. finally i called michael and told him what was going on and he called his mom and she came up. she lives an hour away, so by the time she got there it had been a good 3 hours of this. i just looked at her and told her i needed to go to the ER.

by the time we got to the ER i was shaking and couldn't remember basic things - my phone number, michael's birthday, my doctors name - yikes! it was scary. thankfully they quickly got me hooked up with some meds and several hours and several doses of morphine later i was good as new - except the part about being all doped up. i couldn't go home alone with boden in that state, so we went and crashed at michael's parents until he got home on thurs night. it took a good 24 hours before i finally got the yucky dopey feeling out of my system, and my brain just felt 'sore' for about a day. i'm so thankful deronda was able to be there to help me -i'm not sure what i would have done without her!
it was crazy and i pray that i don't ever have another experience like it ever, ever again. as far as the doctors can tell it was just a migraine possibly triggered by stress and/or lack of sleep (someone tell that to my son who likes to wake up in the middle of the night please!)
then my sister, molly and her boyfriend, john came to visit us in st louis. we had fun cooking good food, playing games, watching movies, and just catching up. on saturday we went to the city museum downtown. i can't believe i've lived in st louis for almost 5 years and have never been to the city museum. it was so much fun! i don't even really know how to describe it other than i giant playhouse for kids (and adults) of all ages. they have caves, tunnels, slides, and ladders of all kinds made of all kinds of materials. they even have a "toddler town" with a huge pile of blocks, little slides, and a toddler ball pit - which boden could have played in all day. all i could think about was how much snot was probably smeared all over those balls. yuck. i mopped him down with antibacterial wipes after that. it was really just a ton of fun - if you've never been - you should definitely go - you could spend an entire day there and never get bored.
here are a bunch of pictures from our day - and this is only indoors - there is a whole bunch more outside too!

(click on the images to see them bigger)

i was going to update about a few other things too, but this ended up taking me too long and now i've got to get going. i'll try to update the rest in the next couple days.


kari j said...

WOW! that looks like it was SO much fun!
and i'm so sorry about your migraine :o( i can sympathize for mom has battled with frequent and intense migraines over the past 30 years. she regularly has to take 2-4 injections of imitrex a month to get rid of them. it's the only med she's ever found that works.
i hope and pray that this was just a random one for you and that they stay very few and far between!!


Meghan W said...

Bless your heart! I will be praying you don't get anymore of those - that sounds horrible!