Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a nice break

friday night we went out with some friends from college - we hadn't all gotten together in a really long time, we had a blast. in light of our date night - michael's mom kept boden for us.....all night long - and the next day too - woo hoo! while we love boden and he makes life brighter, it's fun to have a whole day for just the two of us once in awhile.

we slept in, spent the morning at bread company reading our bibles, drinking coffee, eating incredibly unhealthy pastries that tasted delicious, scrapbooking, and reading; then shopping, lunch, napping, watching basketball, and finally church.

these days are fabulous because they are so refreshing - we need that once in awhile. and for a long time i had a very difficult time asking for a break because it somehow made me feel like a failure, like i couldn't do it. lies, lies, lies. i'm so thankful that God has shown me that this just isn't true - and that we all need a break once in awhile to refresh us and give us a new perspective. and it's good for our kids - when we're stressed out it affects them too. i am so thankful that we have loving family who is so willing to take boden for us and take such good care of him. (mom & dad, i know you would take him too - 6 hrs is just a long drive for date night :) )

so, thank you bubbe & zeyde - we so enjoyed the break and we know boden did too!

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