Tuesday, March 31, 2009

nebraska visit

it seems every time i post i'm having to do a big update. maybe that's because i'm the worst blogger ever and am too lazy (i mean busy) to update my blog.

anyway - we have had a lot going on. boden and i went to nebraska for a week in the beginning of march to visit family and friends while michael went to virginia beach for a week of class at Regent. we had a really nice time - although boden ended up with a double ear infection the day before we left and didn't really get better until the day before we came home. poor little guy - he was up all night that friday night and we couldn't figure out why. at one point michael went in to his room and boden was saying "mess, mess" but michael didn't know what he was talking about so he just put him back to bed. we found out in the morning that he was talking about all the drainage that was coming out of his ears because of the tubes he had put in the month before - in the morning light we noticed it on the sides of his face, his clothes, and his sheets! after a few days of ear drops that weren't cutting it we had to get some antibiotics and by the next Friday he was feeling much better.

even though he was sick, we had lots of fun and got to see so many friends and family:

sweeping the floor at caela's house:

lunch with grandma jeanne in the step-stool high chair:

tea party with jacie at jozlyn's house:

helping poppa bring in the trash can:

hanging out with grandma brandt:

reading with nana:

playing wii with neighbors claire & cooper:

boden was hilarious playing wii - we gave him the dvd remote and he totally thought he was playing too. he was jumping all over the place yelling "go! go!" the adults had fun with the wii too - caela and i played some tennis and i don't know when was the last time i laughed that hard.

we had a fun trip - but of course, we missed michael. he had a great week in virginia (minus the blizzard the first part of the week) and was blessed by a family member of friends at church who offered up their spare bedroom to michael for the week so he didn't have to get a hotel room.

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