Tuesday, March 17, 2009

locked out

we've had some awesome weather here lately - today it was over 80 degrees! we went to the park for a walk and played at the playground - boden loves being outside as much as we do. he cries when we make him come in.

tonight, while michael was online in his greek class, i decided to cut boden's hair out on the back porch. he did pretty good - this is the second time i've cut his hair on my own - and i think he thought it was fun - especially when he threw a few of the clipper guards off the porch (we live in a second floor apartment and had to go out the front and walk all the way around back to go get them!)

anyway, i let him down out of the chair and while i was wiping up the hair and putting the clippers away he was playing around going in and out of the house. suddenly, i turned around and he had shut the sliding glass door...and then i heard a "click".....oh no...he locked me out!!! i just burst out laughing - mostly in disbelief - but also because i didn't have a clue what i was going to do. i didn't have my phone. we live on the second floor and there is not an exit off the porch (other than scaling the wall -lol). michael was home, but he was in the bedroom with the door closed and headphones on. when he's in class, he doesn't usually hear much of what's going on and he doesn't come out until class is over...at 8. It was 7.

i tried getting boden to go knock on the bedroom door and get daddy. he mostly just kept knocking on the sliding glass door at me. he did actually go knock on the bedroom door once, but really quietly and only 1 knock - i knew that michael probably didn't even hear it - and if he did, he probably wouldn't come out for that. and my banging on the door wasn't really working. i also tried getting boden to push the lock lever up...he's 20 months old...he didn't really get it. what in the world was i going to do? i just kept praying that somehow either michael would hear me, or maybe someone would walk by and i could get them to go ring my doorbell. it was 7pm and 70 degrees...why in the world wasn't anyone outside?!?!

eventually, the poor little guy started getting upset. he couldn't understand why i wouldn't open the door. i was starting to get a little worried that he was going to run off and get into trouble or get hurt or something. he started crying really hard and i was feeling horrible that i couldn't do anything about it - comforting a child through a glass door is not easy! thankfully - after about 10 minutes of crying (and 30 minutes of being locked out)- michael emerged from the bedroom to see me sitting outside on the porch. it was funny to see his face when he realized what was going on - he hurried and picked up boden and opened the door. i guess he had taken his headphones off to go to the bathroom and heard boden crying but wasn't hearing me say or do anything about it so he decided to come out and see what was going on. THANK YOU JESUS! i can't imagine what would have happened had this been an evening when michael was off studying at starbucks til 10pm!

so - lesson for the day - never let your toddler be inside while you are outside - they are much smarter than we think!


Meghan W said...

LOL! Oh my heavens bless your heart! This happened when my oldest nephew was about his age... he stayed inside playing my the answering machine over and over because it was me singing him happy birthday... that was how he learned the song! LOL! All while my sister was locked out :)

Jesstern said...

Worse yet is having that happen when your child is in a car and you're outside it. Yeah, that happened when Kennah was about 2 1/2 and Eva was a baby (in our driveway thankfully). Kennah had gotten out of her chair and locked the car doors when I got out to go around and get Eva out of the car and stopped for a sec to say hi to a neighbor. Those toddlers are fast, I tell you! I thought I was going to have to call the police dept to come open the car and was scared that I might get a ticket for my child not being in her car seat. Oh the things we face as parents! :O)

kari j said...

that is hilarious but so scary at the same time! i feel you, we live on the third floor of an apt building and we hardly EVER go on our porch because I never want to draw too much attention to it with Derek....he is so sneaky that it's been a fear for me since we moved in this place, that he'd either lock me out or get himself out there when i'm not in the living room!
thank God it hasn't happened yet, but boy oh boy do i worry about it!
SO glad little boden was safe and you didn't have to be out there too too long!