Monday, February 23, 2009

feb week 3

well, saturday afternoon didn't go quite as well as planned. rather than taking a really long nap, boden refused to nap AT ALL. he layed in his crib for 1.5 hrs whining, talking, crying, talking, playing...everything but sleeping. when i finally gave in and got him up i said "don't you want to go to sleep?" and he said "NO, NO!" it was hard not to laugh. lately he says 'no' to everything - especially sleep! he had a rough night sat night - he woke up for about 2.5 hours in the middle of the night and wouldn't go back to sleep until michael finally went and slept on his floor. we thought he would be so exhausted that he would take a good nap sunday afternoon - WE were exhausted! but, again, he refused to nap! little stinker. thank God he is napping today - and i finished last week's layout!

we had a fun week - my dad came to visit tues night - wed. he had a business meeting in st louis and was able to come down the night before and spend some time with us, then he got to play with boden all morning before his meeting, and finally, have dinner with us before he headed home. unfortunately his flight got delayed going home and he had to spend an extra 2.5hrs at the airport :( yuck. but we had fun while he was here and i think boden really loved the surprise of poppa being there when he woke up on wed. morning. on friday we went and met Jackson Hall for the first time - Vinny and Jamie's new little boy. he's adorable - with tons of hair! and then of course the little gym & my "me" time at panera that i mentioned previously. God must have known i was going to need that re-charge on sat. because the no-napping-whiny toddler really pushed my patience (and sanity) on sat afternoon!

here's my 365 layout from this past week - I'm all caught up! :

*layout using Life 365 by Gina Marie Huff -

*click on the images to see them bigger & read the journaling

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