Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a new teacher in town

I've probably mentioned before that Boden's favorite activity is "school work."  He loves to sit down and do worksheets, practice writing his letters, and drawing and coloring.  Claire has recently expressed an interest in coloring too - mostly just because that's what Boden is doing I think...she always wants to do what big brother is doing.

Apparently, the other day, Boden decided to take advantage of the situation and decided he would be the teacher and he would teach Claire some new words using his flash cards.  I walked into the room and overheard "Claire, say unicycle....c'mon Claire, you can do it.....say uuuunicycle!"


I noted the blank stare on Claire's face, and suggested to Boden that she might not be ready for a word that big.  Maybe we should start with something a little easier.  He went back to his pile of flash cards and returned a moment later saying "Claire...say rocket ship! can do it.....say rocket ship!"

I just had to was was sweet.  He was so intent on teaching her new words and was genuinely upset that she wasn't saying them.  He loves being a big brother, and I love watching them together.

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Ron said...

That's great! Might need to get some cards that say ball, dog, hat, etc...... Thanks for sharing.