Saturday, October 17, 2009

sleep update

Thanks everyone for all the great advice you left me here or emailed to me. I know most all parents go through these things, so its encouraging to hear what you've done that works. We're still not "there" yet, but we've had a few good days and a few rough ones. For example, today he's down for a nap without a fight and didn't try to come out of his room once. But, yesterday was a completely different story. It was by far the most entertaining to me (probably because I wasn't home and Michael was dealing with it, but I'm sure Michael will laugh about it one day). Yesterday, Michael put Boden down for a nap around 1:30. By about 2:30 he started coming out of his room throwing his clothes (which he had emptied out of his dresser) into the hallway. Around 3pm he took all the books of his bookshelf and piled them up on his bed. And I think it was around 3:30 that Michael took this photo with his phone when he came into the room:

little stinker had moved his bed across the room, climbed into the crib, and was jumping in the crib (which is pretty unsafe considering I had adjusted the mattress to it's highest position in preparation for the new baby).

My, oh, my - children do make life interesting, don't they?

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amandamoo said...

That is great! I remember one naptime that we opened Judah's door and the whole room was switched around and a complete disaster - it looked like a tornado had been through. They do make life very interesting!