Monday, October 26, 2009

naptime adventures, part II

On Thursday afternoon I put Boden down for a nap, after about 30 minutes of not hearing him running around anymore I was certain he was asleep. So, I decided to take a nap myself. About 1 1/2 hrs later I woke up to him screaming "Mama! Get me down!" I ran into his room to find him standing inside the second drawer of his dresser! (this was one moment I wish I had a picture of, but wasn't going to just leave the poor kid in the dresser while I went to find my camera, didn't look all that safe :) )

After I got him down from the drawer I looked over to his bed....

It's probably hard to tell by the picture, but he has gotten into the changing table and found all kinds of interesting things that I didn't even realize were in there - cortizone cream, tubes of vaseline, tubes of antibiotic ointment, lansinol cream, various thermometers, pacifiers, combs & brushes...and of course some books and stuffed animals too. Looks like he had quite the party while I was napping!

I notice there is quite a strong smell in the room too, and as I take a closer look at Boden I realize he's definitely got something in his hair....
I look a little more closely at the items on the bed and it hits me...

A tub of vicks baby rub. Nice job Boden. He proudly tells me he was fixing his hair for the hockey game. ??? No idea why he thought he was going to a hockey game, or why he thought he needed to fix his hair for said hockey game, but he was VERY proud of himself. Apparently he thought it looked a lot like Daddy's pomade that we sometimes put in his hair.

In case you're wondering - it takes 3 days and approximately 17 washes with various shampoos, dish soaps, and household cleaners to remove vicks rub from ones hair. I seriously considered shaving his head after about 10 washes.

This naptime nonsense is driving me crazy, but how can you stay mad when they're this adorable?


Amanda said...

oh, Megan! I know I shouldn't laugh...but Boden is a riot! Thanks for the preview of what I have coming my way in a few years.

kari j said...

oh. my. gosh. total boy-hood fast approaching!!! you've got a pistol on your hands :o)
derek was/is the same way. i'm just thankful everytime i find him doing something i couldn't have even anticipated and that he is SAFE! geez, it's hard to stay 1 (or more like 10) steps ahead!! :o)

congrats on baby claire! maybe boden will put his energies towards helping you now :) like delivering the baby creams TO you can hope!