Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festival

A couple Saturdays ago Boden and I headed to a nearby park to checkout the local Fall Festival. They had all kinds of fun (FREE) stuff for kids and it was a fairly nice day among all the cold rainy ones we'd been having.
There wasn't a lot of parking, mosltly just street parking along the neighborhoods. While we were trying to find a spot I did get to be entertained while watching a man try to parallel park in a spot that was CLEARLY not big enough for his car. He kept bumping into the car in front of him, then backing up into the one behind him, then bumping the one in front of him....again...and again...until he finally sort-of sqeezed into the spot. It was like something you would see in a movie. What made this even more humorous was the police man who sat there and watched him and waited until he got out of his car and then casually wrote him a ticket.
Boden was a little too shy to get his face painted, but he did get a paw print painted on his hand that he was quite proud of:
We decorated some funny glasses at the Magic House tent:

Got a balloon animal frog:

dug for gold:

and watched the other kids jump in the big bouncy inflatables. He wasn't too interested in getting in there with them though.

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kari j said...

i LOVE the pic with his little hands in his pockets, he is so darn cute! like a little-man! :o)