Wednesday, October 28, 2009

meeting for the first time


Laura Stern said...

I love when Michael says "you don't really care do ya Bo?" and you hear him say "no"
haha that's so adorable!!! LOVE your little family. and I love you!

amandamoo said...

So cute! I love it! Judah couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about Jazz either and now she is his favorite playmate. Boden will be a great big brother. (even if he doesn't care right now) ;-)

kari j said...

oh my gosh, so i have to tell you something funny about this.
i clicked on your blog link from my blog page but initially i had my volume on my computer down. so i pressed play to watch your cute video and turned up the volume on my as your video is playing, there's a song in the background playing too (martina mcbride's "in my daughter's eyes") and i'm thinking this is so darn cute! they have such a stinkin' cute video AND they set it to such a beautiful and fitting song :) .... so i'm balling my eyes out (cause us moms know that new babies and then adding a sappy song into the mix will do that to us) and then your video stops but the music keeps going!! i'm looking around trying to figure it out and realize that it is from MY blog page!! (i hope this isn't too confusing to get, hee hee)
anyways, i just thought it such a perfect coincidence that that particular song was playing with you holding your new baby daughter :o)
you guys are a precious, precious family!

Scott and Steph Wenz said...

Hey Megan! Thanks so much for posting on my blog! It was so nice to hear from you and for the words of encouragement! I am getting through it and I know it wil get better! Congrats on your beautiful children! Isn't is crazy that we all are married and have kids now! I officially feel old!