Sunday, October 26, 2008

more vacation pics

you can see more of our vacation pics here you don't have to have a facebook account to view them. there's just too many to post on here.

we had a great time. boden did wonderful on the long car ride. we got to spend a wonderful day at the beach and found some fun parks in the area too. michael's class went really well, he got great feedback on his sermon, and learned some invaluable things through the pastors & professor. we stopped over in west virginia on the way home. thanks to dad for checking hotel reviews for us while we were pulling in to charleston - saved us from almost staying in a total dump. the hotel we did find was very nice, but i'd be much happier with it if i hadn't left my brand new memory foam pillow there :( About an hour outside charleston i started looking around for my pillow...i was not happy to find out it wasn't there. but, at least we know it has company....we're pretty sure michael's black belt is there too. lol.

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Jesstern said...

Great pics! Sorry about the pillow...that has happened to me before too (body pillow under the covers). You could try calling the hotel and seeing if they still have in lost and found. I left something at a hotel last year and called about it and they offered to mail it to us for free. Sometimes you get really nice people like that, so it's worth a shot! :)