Monday, October 20, 2008

we made it!

many of you know that we were driving to virginia beach, va for the week this week and i wanted to let you know we made it here safely! it was a long drive...we were thinking it would take about 14.5 hrs, but it ended up being about 17! saturday night after church we finished packing and got the car all packed up. we slept for about 3 hours and then took off from st louis at 3am. i think boden was pretty confused when i got him out of his crib and stuck him in his carseat.

it really was a beautiful drive...west virginia was absolutely breathtaking - the trees were so many vibrant colors. i tried to take some pictures, but pictures from the passenger seat, through the windsheild at 70 mph don't really do it justice. we're going to actually stop on the way home and take some better shots.
tomtom (the gps loaned to us by deronda & myles - thank you!!!) was very helpful. although, it's a pretty straight shot...from st louis you actually take I-64 all the way. but tomtom was very helpful in finding restaurants and starbucks all along the way....and reminding us how much farther we had to go... tomtom says 5 more hours to go!
michael never did sleep in the car - he tried for awhile - but just couldn't get comfortable. so as of 8:45 pm est when we arrived, he had only had 3 hrs of sleep. that starbucks is good stuff. boden did really well in the car. the last hour he was a little fussy, but nothing a half a bag of grahm cracker snacks couldn't cure (does this make me a bad parent? :) )

anyway - we made it! michael has 4 full days of classes ahead and boden and i are off to explore. i think we'll hit up the boardwalk & beach tomorrow, it's supposed to be in the 70s. michael found out he doesn't have class on friday, so we're going to leave on thurs and split up the trip back... i think we'll stop somewhere in west virginia overnight and enjoy the scenery.


Blessed Mommy and Wife said...

I am glad you made it without losing your mind:) I hope you guys have a good time, hopefully I will see you Sunday?

amandamoo said...

Glad you got there safely. Car rides with no naps are no fun! I say stuff in the graham crackers if that's what works! Have fun exploring!

Cathy said...

I hope you are enjoying your days at the beach! And hopefully, Michael gets to enjoy a little the visit a little too. Has he given his sermon yet? Good luck to him! Give Boden a hug & a kiss from Nana & Poppa! Love you all!