Monday, October 6, 2008

the zoo

we decided to take advantage of the incredible october weather and head to to the zoo for the afternoon the other day. we had only taken boden once before, at the end of may. he was so much more interested in all the animals this time - he loved it! it was a fun day just hanging out with the family and nice relaxing break for michael (except for the part where he pulled out his greek flashcards and tried to study while pushing the stroller - lol)

i think boden's favorite animals were definitely the penguins. they kept diving into the water right in front of him and he would squeal and point - he got very excited. it was so fun to watch him. in one of the photos you can see michael trying to teach him to throw a penny into the fountain - he had absolutely no interest in letting go of that penny, he had a death grip on it and was not letting go.

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Ron said...

Love all the pictures! Thanks for the updates. dad