Wednesday, November 5, 2008


this will probably sound a bit unorganized…i’ve had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head for the past few days/weeks and have just been unable to put them in words…but i’m going to give it a shot.

i’m sad. i’ve been trying to figure out exactly what has been causing this feeling, but i don’t think i really grasped it until last night. this election stuff has really been getting to me. i’ve always disliked politics – mostly because i hate lying and i feel like that’s mostly what is involved in political campaigning. i read an article after one of the debates that basically went through and took each point that the candidates talked about and explained the actual truth. in nearly every point they made they exaggerated or twisted something the other had said or what they voted on previously, etc. it made me wonder – why even bother watching the debates and the ads if we’re just going to have to then go figure out what the real truth is? does anyone in america even care about truth anymore?

but i think what has really upset me about this election is the way so many americans are putting their hope and trust in a man. this doesn’t have anything to do with which man, but just that as a nation we are looking to a man to change the world, rather than to God. as we were watching the celebration in chicago on tv last night i saw people sobbing and crying and full of excitement and i thought (and I think I even said this out loud to Michael) “did Jesus come back and no one told me?” i was obviously being sarcastic, but really – why are so many putting so much hope and trust into this one man? he is only a man just like all the rest of us, why are so many acting like he is the savior of the world? Psalm 146:3 says “Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.”

i feel like we are just like the israelites who didn’t want to look to God anymore – they wanted a king – a man to lead them. trusting God just wasn’t enough for them. that’s where our nation is. we don’t want to take the time and effort in prayer and study to find out what God has to say – it’s too difficult – we want a man that we can see and touch and watch on tv. in fact – i wonder how many “Christians” even prayed and asked God what he thinks about the political issues or who they should vote for? sadly, i think many just looked at what they think would best serve their individual needs and desires.

a friend of mine, kari, posted some thoughts regarding a sermon series done at her church regarding politics and what God has to say about the issues titled Politics, Religion, and the Word. I have listened to 3 of the 4 messages so far and the pastor talks about some very sensitive issues such as the sanctity of life, same sex marriage, war, terrorism, etc. in my opinion he does a very good job of presenting the facts and then comparing them to God’s word rather than someone’s opinion. i think many people, christians included, get our views on these subjects from our friends, family, politicians, and even celebrities, yet never take the time to see what God has to say about it. and if they do see what God has to say about it and they don’t like it, they just decide he couldn’t have possibly meant that, and they skip over that part, yet continue to call themselves followers of christ. i overheard a conversation between two women just a few days ago (one of whom calls her self a christian, the other I’m not sure about) talking about abortion. one (the christian) said – “well, I’m pro-life, but i think women should get to decide if they want to terminate a pregnancy if they find out the baby is sick…that’s just such a commitment and so much work to raise a sick child.” i thought to myself – how in the world is that “pro-life”? does that mean that if (god forbid) my 15 month old became very ill or was in a bad accident i should have the option to kill him because it is just a “big commitment” and “a lot of work” to raise him? do they really think God doesn’t know what it takes to raise a child like that and that he must have just made a mistake? i’ve got news – GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES! it's these thought patterns that just break my heart and make me sad. what are they saying to unbelievers about what it means to be a follower of Christ? kari said it well, so i’m just going to quote her - she said, “why don't they just say, "i guess i don't really believe God or His word since i obviously think He is being unfair in His ideals and doesn't know what's best for our world." that would be a whole lot better than them giving christianity a bad rap because they say they believe one thing but act in the completely opposite manner.”

in the end – what God says is the only thing that’s going to matter. one day i will stand before my creator, as will we all, and have to give an account for my life, and i certainly don’t want to hear God say “why did you choose to ignore me? you listened to your friends/family/politicians/celebrities and valued their opinion more than my word.” i really encourage anyone who has questions about what God has to say about certain issues to listen to these messages (this link will take you to kari's blog where there is a link to the messages); they are not condemning, but instead full of truth and will definitely give you a different perspective on “the issues” than anything you’re hearing in the media. i realize that it’s too late for anyone to change their vote, but it’s not too late to change your heart…and that’s what matters most anyway.

one final thing – it’s probably pretty obvious that i didn’t vote for the candidate who was elected our next president – but i will be supporting him and praying for him, as we all should. our nation needs to unite and support our leaders, whether we agree with their views or not, and place our trust solely in God – knowing that no matter who is in what office – He is always on the throne.


Deronda said...

Megan, I know exactly how you feel. I told Myles last night the everbody was acting like he was God. I am still sad today. However God is still on Throne.
We just have to keep praying. Good reminder.

kari j said...

wow. that was definitely the Holy Spirit working through you Megan. that was perfectly put and i can't agree with you any more than i do! you're so right, we need to support our leaders in prayer but remember that God is the only One who can save us, not man - and it IS sheer laziness and pride that gets in the way of this for some people.
i am so reassured today, though, because i started to read my Bible and was asking God to show me what He wanted me to do. i was feeling overwhelmingly sad and frustrated (couldn't even sleep well last night) and He led me to Galatians chapter 1. If you get a sec, read verses 6-10. I feel like He answered me so clearly and ever since I've had calmness...whew. God IS good.
love ya sister and keep prayin on :)

heidi said...

wow is all i can say to this-this spoke to my heart megan!! you wrapped all of my feelings up and wrote them down and hit the nail on the head as to why i have been feeling weird lately. huge "ah-ha" moment for me. as kari said, "God is the only one who can save us". i will not look to man for hope, change, and courage but the Lord - who is the leader of my world. very well written megan. miss you!

Meghan W said...

I'm adding one more big amen. This election has grieved my heart on so many levels - the deceptions you mentioned (both by the politicians and by believers who want to choose their beliefs based on their own thoughts rather than Gods) have been some of the hardest things for me to swallow.

Thankfully, God still reigns. :)

lisa wade said...

thanks for putting into words what is on so many of our hearts. when will we learn?! God is so much bigger than the space we give him. I, as well, did not vote for the 'winner' of this election. But, like you, I will be praying for him everyday. we all need to realize that division and fear will ultimately be our destruction. God is our source and our strength. Amen!