Wednesday, August 27, 2008


my friend sara started organizing monthly "girls nights" to get the girls together and hang out, have fun, and catch up. (thanks sara!) so this month she decides we should all try "skyrobics". anyone ever been to "skyzone"? it's this place in chesterfield filled with wall to wall trampolines. (check out their website for some really cool videos of people jumping and flipping all over the place.)

sounds like a blast, right? they have open jump, dodgeball, a little kids jump room, and "skyrobics" - which we all so bravely agreed to try. on their website it claims you can burn up to 1000 calories in just one session! that should have been a red flag to me right there. anything that burns 1000 calories in 50 minutes isn't going to be easy. here again i had myself confused thinking i'm in pretty good shape.

anyway - we all had a ton of fun and were definitely worn out. i have a few pains today (mainly in my ankle because i decided i just had to try doing a flip even though it's been 10+ years since i've even been on a trampoline) but i'm guessing i'm really going to feel the pain tomorrow. i recommend you all check it out - the first "skyrobics" class is free. oh, and a bonus, you get to wear these really awesome high top sneakers with a velcro strap - that brought me back to grade school. i wish i had taken a picture of them to share with you. especially one of me wearing them with crop pants - very stylish!

*note of advice - empty your bladder before you start jumping. especially you ladies like me who have recently given know what i'm talking about...3 of us nearly peed our pants.

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