Sunday, August 17, 2008

boden's first bike ride!

we have had the most beautiful august weather lately - mid 80's and sunny - it's been wonderful. so, we decided to try out boden's new bike trailer and go for a ride.

after about 2 hours of preparation (trying to get the bike rack on the car, get the bikes on the bike rack, and figure out how to get the hitch for the trailer on the bike) we were off. and then about 15 minutes from home we realized that i had left the front door wide open and neither of us had our wallets or identification of any kind. i guess we just got so excited when we finally got the car ready that we just jumped in and took off! so we turned around. once back on the road we were ready to go. after taking the long way (ie. getting lost) we finally arrived at creve coeur park. if you live in st louis and have never been to creve coeur lake you should check it out - it's a beautiful place with great trails for walking/jogging/biking and a lake for sailing/rowing/fishing.

anyway - aside from it taking us 3 hours to actually get on the trail for a 45 minute ride, we had a great time. and although boden was not thrilled about the bike helmet, he seemed to really enjoy the ride. i forgot to bring my camera, but the cell phone camera did a suprisingly decent job. hopefully we've got it figured out now so next time it doesn't take a whole day just to go for a bike ride!


Michael said...

I wasn't really lost, I just wanted to see if you knew how to get there.

Caela said...

Wow, sounds like quite an adventure!! But, now you've got it down, right? I finally got a new bike this weekend. I had been looking for a week or so and finally settled on a Bianchi Cortina - it's a performance/comfort hybrid. It has a little of both features, so it's perfect for what I want to use it for. Maybe sometime you guys can figure out how to bring the bikes back with you and we'll all go riding!!