Friday, August 1, 2008

the pool!

some friends came over today and we went to the pool - one huge perk of now living in an apartment. the kids had so much fun! (and of course us moms had fun too).

we even had a little baby swim-up bar:

once boden found out that hannah's sippy cup had apple juice in it, he wanted nothing to do with his own. in fact, none of them wanted anything to do with their own cup! thank goodness it's not cold season.

a few days ago boden found a tennis ball at the pool...he no longer wants to play with any of his pool toys...just the tennis ball. he likes to throw it out of the pool and then scream until we go get it. apparently its a really fun game.

and one more - i just have to share how excited i am to see boden learning new things. the other night we were at the pool and boden started crawling towards the edge of the pool to get in. michael started towards him to turn him around, but before michael got to him boden turned himself around and went in feet first! we were so proud of him - we have really only shown him how to do that a few times on the bed (he seems to want to climb right off on his head!). the stage he's at right now is so much fun - he picks up new things every day.

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