Sunday, August 31, 2008

family photos

we're in nebraska visiting my family for the weekend and celebrating my grandma's 85th birthday (happy birthday grandma!). while here, my good friend heidi took some beautiful family photos of the three of us. i LOVE they way they turned out - and i've only seen about 10 of the photos so far. here's one of my favorites:

you can see some more of the photos on heidi's blog. she's an incredible photographer who is just getting started with her business. If you live in the area, I highly recommend her for your next family photos (or any other photos for that matter - she's great with the little ones too) and she's offering discounts since she building her portfolio right now. thanks heidi -we had a blast!


Jesstern said...

Such cute photos, Megan! I took a peek at the other ones on your friends blog. Boden looks so grown up. And those eyes! So pretty!

lisa wade said...

wow...great photos! you guys look awesome! miss you...hurry home.