Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brown Bear Brown Bear

I think I've mentioned before that Claire has no interest in being read to.  I've tried...Michael has tried...the grandparents have tried...she just won't sit long enough to get through more than 2 pages.  This is so odd to us because Boden will seriously sit for HOURS being read to.  He has always liked being read to, even at Claire's age.

But, the other day we were playing and looking at a new book my parents got Claire for Christmas.  It's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?"

She sat on the floor with me and let me read it to her, not only once....but 3 times in a row!!! This is major progress!  I think a lot of it (ok, all of it) had to do with the little secret windows that you open to see what the next animal sees, but still, I was so shocked and excited.  I love reading, and I really want my kids to love it to.  Maybe she's got a chance after all:)


and yes, I know her outfit doesn't all.  I promise we didn't go out looking like that.

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