Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm really trying to be better about updating this blog, really I am. :) I need to update the header photo (to include claire) and the background, and finish my re-cap about christmas. but those will have to wait for another day. Today I have some photos and a cute video from the past few days. (video is in a seperate post before this one)

Boden still LOVES to play the guitar. He is always amazed by the musicians at church and wants to go up on stage and see their guitars. On Christmas Eve, right before service was starting I was looking around the sanctuary for Boden .He was with Michael when I walked out, but when I came back Michael was talking to someone and Boden was not next to him. I looked all around and found him on the stage talking to the worship leader and admiring his guitar. I should have known.

I promise we are good parents and don't typically lose our children. Although, this reminds me of another story recently at church. I was talking to a few of the other pastors wives by the nursery after service one Saturday night and Boden and some other kids were running around. When we finished talking I began looking for Boden and couldn't find him anyhere. I wasn't that concerned, because he's often with a few of the teenagers who watch him in the nursery. I looked in the bathrooms, the hallways, I even went back into the auditorium. I'll admit I did begin to panick at this point. Then, I remembered he loves to push the buttons that open the elevator. I ran to the elevator and pushed the button. When it opened, there was Boden....looking a little panicked. He had walked in the when the doors opened, but didn't know how to get back out! poor little guy. He's now been taught that he can push the alarm bell button if he's ever in the elevator without a grown up. But, we've also talked about how he should never, ever get in the elevator without a grown up too. :)

Claire is nearly 3 months old already! She is a very happy baby. Although she spits up ALOT (seriously, I sometimes go through 3 burp cloths per feeding), she loves to lay on her back and kick her feet. She loves the mobile in her crib, the playgym, anywhere she can kick and squeal freely.
Boden got a train set for christmas. I'm amazed at how well he puts the pieces together to make a track.

When not changing diapers, cleaning up spit up, feeding a toddler, reading books,and playing all sorts of games with Boden, I've been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting. This is a little hat and booties set I made for our friends' Nicki and Ryan's new baby, Allison. She's just about 6 weeks younger than Claire so I'm sure they'll be good friends.
Boden got lots of games for christmas. He always wants to play them, but he hasn't quite gotten the concept of how to play a game. Especially the taking turns part and only moving the correct number of spaces. lol. he does love to make up his own games with the pieces though. The other day he was talking to all the gingerbread boys and girls from candyland and putting them down for naps on their colored cards.

Crazy Hair Claire (as aunt Molly has named her), still has some crazy hair and it's getting longer. This was taken just after her bath - you can see how it's quite curly when it's wet. When it dries it's not so much curly as it is just wild. I'm hoping as it grows longer it will be curly. I think little girls with curls are so darn adorable.

and here's one of her "talking" to her mobile. She is content to lay there and kick and "talk" for 30 minutes if I keep the mobile going.

and some good news for our neighbors. Our christmas tree (that we took down 3 weeks ago) has been removed from front yard finally. We rarely enter the house through the front door, and aren't out playing in the yard since it's so cold, so we completely forgot it was out there. oops!


kari j said...

love it. the little stories and the pictures are great! and WOW, that hat and the booties are adorable ~ you are so talented!
:) kari

Laura Stern said...

haha. i didnt realize you didnt know where boden was when we took him on stage to look at the guitars :)

hes so dang cute. and look at how big miss claire is getting!

Megan Brueseke said...

Was that what happened laura? I didn't know how he ended up there. I'm glad to hear he didn't just run up there. I just looked up and worship was getting ready to start and Boden was up there talking to Kent. He loves it up there on stage, I'm surprised he hasn't tried to bring his guitar to church yet. lol.

Thanks Kari :)

Tabatha said...

I taught myself how to crochet this winter. I'm terrible but I refuse to give up. Someday I'm hoping to make a hat and booties. They are so adorable and much cheaper to make than buy. I love your blog. Since we don't get to see you guys and it's an easy way to see what's happen with your wonderful family.

Scott and Steph Wenz said...

Olivia was a big spitter too and is just now growing out of it! She is almost six months old now so I think with the addition of formula, cereal and recently food has helped it get better too. She was on Prilosec for awhile because she had reflux, but she has always been a happy spitter, which has helped me be less freaked out!!! Hopefully she grows out of it soon!

Scott and Steph Wenz said...

Oh and P.S. that hat and booties are soooo cute!!!