Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 months

Here's my attempt to update you on what we've been up to for the past 2 months...

Our church in delivered thanksgiving meals to over 400 families in need in the St Louis area - the crew in O'Fallon delivered to about 100 of those families!

One of Boden's chores is to help me put away laundry. some does he's more helpful than others :)

Claire's hair is still wild and un-tameable

Michael has been busy preparing and preaching messages. we changed our stage set recently too - I love the new look

We went to Nebraska for Thanksgiving this year - my sister Micaela hosted her first Thanksgiving dinner and it was fabulous. The most memorable part for me was the nap I took by their fireplace that evening. naps are a great thing in themselves, but one by the woodburning fireplace is even better! Michael and I have been thinking about how to put a fireplace into our house ever since :)

Claire smiling at Poppa

Nana & Boden made a turkey hat. I believe there is a photo of me and micaela wearing these floating around somewhere, but apparently not on my camera - sorry folks :)
We also made it back to Missouri in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Oldham family on Saturday
and spend some time with Michael's step-sister Lauren & her family (including our adorable nephew, Austin)

Photo of Bubbe, Zeyde and the grandkids..Michael was trying to make Boden smile by making funny faces - but Boden just made funny faces back at him :)

We finished off Thanksgiving weekend with a trip to the tree farm to pick out the Brueseke family tree. Boden even had his first "man-experience" of peeing in the woods. (the bathrooms were way far away for a 2 yr old to make it without wetting his pants, so you do what you gotta do)

Claire hanging out in her cradle

She also LOVES her playgym. She coos and giggles at the little birds & bugs and at herself in the mirror

well, I tried to get it all in one post, but the baby is hungry and boden is tearing apart the I'm gonna have to finish this later. to be continued...

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