Thursday, September 24, 2009

my new baby carrier

I've been wanting one of these mei tai carriers since I had Boden, but never could bring myself to spend the $80-$100 for one, or decide on what color/print I wanted. This time I decided to make my own - I found a basic mei tai pattern online and adapted it to fit my size and made some adjustments to make it more what I wanted. I'm so excited and can't wait to use it with our little girl in just a few months!

I made it so I could change out the panels - so far I've only made 2 panels but I'm sure I'll be making many more. I get bored of prints easily. (Which is why its hard to decorate my house...about a month after I get done I'm ready to do something different.)

Since I currently look like this:

(no, Michael was not standing on the couch to take this photo - he's just that much taller than me!)

...and don't yet have a baby to put in the carrier to model it for you (I thought about trying it out with Boden, but I think he's a little big), so here's a couple photos from the babyhawk website of this type of carrier:

So, it should look something like that...I hope. And the bonus is that i didn't have to settle on just one print, and it didn't cost me anywhere near $80.
I've actually been doing a lot of sewing lately. I made a new nursing cover for myself out of the same polka dot fabric I used for one of the carrier panels, made a nursing cover for a friend who just had a baby, and I'm working on finishing up the rest of the bedding for the crib. Every time I go to the fabric store I find more fabric that I love and want to use to make something - I just need about 10 more hours in a day and I could do it all! :)


Anna said...

You look beautiful!! I think it's funny, too, that you mentioned your husband was not on the couch! :)
I LOVE your baby carrier that you made! Each time I was pregnant, I go the urge to make things. I never came close to doing what you have done -- a few blankets was my max! Great job, though! I hope the carrier works well for you.

kari j said...

You are stinkin' cute!!! And I am SO impressed with the carrier! My gosh, I have never sewed anything but you really inspire me to want to learn. I know what you mean about venturing into the fabric store (yes, I go there even though I don't sew :) and finding a fun new print everytime!