Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Sewing

I spent some time last week working on the bedding for the baby's crib. I'm still not completely finished - I want to make some curtains for the room, sheets for Boden's toddler bed and a few other little things, but I've got the big stuff out of the way.



(I could entertain Boden for hours just putting pins in the pin cushion!)


And now it matches Boden's toddler bed with the quilt I made this summer:

And here's one of the new bookshelves we got at IKEA - Boden loves it, he can take the books on and off all by himself...and he does...mostly during naptime :) (notice how it's a bit of a disaster right now)


Jesstern said...

Amazing, Megan! You are so talented!

svaughn said...

Wish I could sew. My mom tried to teach me a long time ago, but it was a disaster. All the baby stuff looks great Megan.