Tuesday, August 11, 2009

home at last

We're still here! Well, technically we're in O'Fallon, MO now. We've been very busy with buying a house and moving lately. I've been meaning to blog about it, but honestly it was such a messy process that if I had written about it when we were going through it, it probably would have been a bunch of whining and complaining and who really wants to hear that?

We were originally scheduled to close on July 24th, but that got delayed a week, and then another week. The sellers live out of the US (in 2 different countries) and there was also a relocation company involved so there seemed to be a lot of mis-communication or communication errors through the process. Thankfully, our apartment manager was generous enough to let us extend our lease by 1 week so we didn't have to move out to a temporary location. My mom was in town for the whole week when we were supposed to move to help with all the cleaning and packing, but unfortunately had to head back home to start school before we could get into the house. :( Hopefully they'll be able to come visit soon and see the house.

We've learned and grown a lot through the process though. We had to rely on God to show us if we were supposed to continue the process even with all the struggles we encountered and we really learned some lessons on patience and trusting His timing and His plan through all of this. As frustrating as the whole thing was, we were both filled with a peace from the moment we saw the house that never left us, we knew that this was the place God had intended for us. We also were overwhelmed with love from friends and family who offered to help us during this transition time. We had offers from so many people that we could stay with them if we had to be out of our apartment before we could get into the house, a crew of about 8 guys helping us move, a generous donation of restaurant gift cards to help us out while our kitchen was packed away, a group of girlfriends helping me paint, and a wonderful home-cooked dinner provided for all of our moving help on moving day. Not to mention all the people who prayed with us and for us through the processes. Thank you everyone! God has shown us His amazing love through all of you.

So -we are finally in the house - and we LOVE it! We're not completely unpacked and there are still a few walls to paint, but we are taking our time. This 6 mo. pregnant lady can only do so much in a day. The kitchen and bedrooms are put together, which is most important. The rest will come together soon.

Here's a couple photos of the new house (even if it is still a little messy):

I love having a big, open kitchen

Boden even helped me paint a little bit

These were a nice bonus that came with the house - however no one told me that HE washers on the second floor of a house can spin so fast that it shakes the room below it. The first time I did a load I was in the kitchen when it started the spin cycle and I thought we were having a small earthquake! We bought some shake pads at Lowes the other day so hopefully that will help. Other than that minor detail - I love these things!

Boden's new "big boy" bed with the quilt my mom and I made. I'm making matching crib bedding and curtains for the room too...one of these days.

The subdivision playground that is just a short walk away - one of the things I LOVE about this neighborhood. There's a pool too -thats an even shorter walk!

We're starting to get used to O'Fallon and learning where everything is. It's a really nice town and I think we're going to love it here. Although Michael has a little bit longer of a drive to his office now, we're much closer to the O'Fallon church and excited about getting to know our community and the people out here...and eventually Michael will likely have an office out here too. We are so excited about what God is doing here! Come visit us! :)


Amanda said...

Megan the house looks great!! We have the same washer & dryer set, one little tip, don't completely close the washer door unless it's all the way dry inside. It will start to stink! (Water sits right under that lip when you open the door)

lisa wade said...

oh my...it's way bigger than i was expecting! too awesome! i'm so happy for you guys! i know it was a struggle to get there, but like you said it taught you alot about God's timing and plans and how to be patient and wait for Him. again, congrats. and can't wait to see it in person!!!

Ron said...

Thanks for the update Megan. Hope to see all of you and your house, but right now don't know when that is. Looks like you've got a lot done, and have had some great help....even the little painter. love, dad

Nichole said...

beautiful house and neighborhood!! isn't God good?!?

kari j said...

Looks AMAZING! Congrats on the house (finally) hee hee :)