Saturday, June 20, 2009

random moments in our life

Lately we've been keeping pretty busy. We've been house-hunting in O'Fallon for the past couple weeks. House-hunting is not really one of my favorite things to do, it's time consuming and stressful, and disappointing when you find out a house you like has just been sold, but it sure is exciting when you finally find a house that will be perfect for you - like we did just a few days ago! more on that in a later post... Michael has been very busy working on his sermons for the Ephesians series our church is doing this summer. This is the first time he's done a series, so it's been a good challenge for him and he's really enjoying it. I didn't get to hear him last week since I was doing the preschool lesson, but many people told me it was great. Hopefully we'll start getting them recorded soon and posting them online so those of you who live out of town and want to listen can.

Boden is acting more and more like a little boy all the time - his imagination is starting to show up and he is cracking me up all the time. We were driving to a friends house this week to go swimming and he had his little diving rings and he was pretending one of them was a steering wheel - he was turning it around and around and saying "look mama, I'm driving!" Very proud of himself too.

The other night he insisted on wearing his hat to bed...and when I went in to get him in the morning he was standing there in his crib with his hat still on! I had totally forgotten about it, so I had to chuckle when I picked him up.

He also had his first popsicle of the summer. (I know, I know - who gives their 2 yr old a popsicle while wearing a white shirt, right?) He actually did pretty good at not getting any on himself, but it was hot outside and melting fast so I finished it off for him :)
He's also become quite the climber. I walked into the dining room the other day to find he had fixed himself a little "snack" and pulled up a chair to read my bible. We have a counter height table, so I was surprised to see him get all the way up on the chair by himself.

Then, one day last week he put on daddy's flip flops, shuffled towards the door, and announced that he needed car keys and that he was going to church. LOL. "See you wayter mama!"
Being the mom of a 2 yr old can be a struggle sometimes, but there is so much joy in it too. I feel very blessed.

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