Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day in Nebraska

I haven't had the chance to update my blog in awhile - we've had internet issues. But thanks to my hubby who spent an hour on the phone this morning with AT&T (or rather a guy in India who was very helpful, but difficult to understand) we are now back in business!

A few weeks ago we traveled to Nebraska to spend a few days with family and celebrate Mother's Day. It was a short trip, but we had fun and got to see family. Boden usually sleeps a lot in the car, but not this time! He was much more interested in the cows in the fields, and the trucks driving by, and making me read stories and sing songs over and over and over. Makes me a little nervous for our upcoming drive across the country to Virginia Beach.

We had a nice brunch on Saturday with the whole family and both grandmas too.

Playing on Poppa's hammock
reading with Poppa

smelling the flowers with Great Grandma Brandt

Boden & Mama

Goofing with Aunt Caela

My mom, Grandmas, Boden & Me
reading with Great Grandma Jeanne
Boden & Nana

We also introduced Boden to scrabble (a favorite of my mom and mine). he thought it was fun, but mostly he just wanted to collect all the letters on his tray and wouldn't give them up. :)
We had a really nice time and I'm so thankful for my mom -she is a blessing to me and to my whole family. Especially since becoming a mom myself, I have come to have such a greater appreciation for what she does & has done for me and my sisters - she's taught me a lot and is always there for me when I need some advice. Thank you mom!

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kari j said...

you guys are SUCH a beautiful family, love the pics!!