Saturday, December 6, 2008

blues! blues! blues!

a couple weeks ago, michael's dad had a suite at the st louis blues hockey game for all his employees and he invited us to come along too. we'd only taken boden to one hockey game before and it didn't go so well. he was only about 7 months old and as soon as everyone stood up for the national anthem he freaked out and started i spent most of the rest of the game wandering the halls.

we had hopes that this would go much better since it was a suite and he could roam around and eat lots of yummy food - and it did! he had a great time, as did we all. even though he stayed up nearly 2 hours past his bedtime, he didn't even get fussy. he had lots of attention and one of dean's sweet employees, nena, even brought boden a truck to play with - thanks nena!

by the end of the night we had boden cheering - "blues! blues! blues!" ("let's go blues!" is a little tough for a 16 month old :) ) it was adorable - he'd shake his little fist and say "bwooz! bwooz! bwooz!"

thanks grandpa - we had lots of fun!

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